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Performance and tuning

The performance of any car is especially low. As, for trouble-free using the car, manufacturers use simple elements and parts which are not always amenable to tuning, thereby reducing cost price of the car. Almost always, in any car you can improve the performance, power, precision suspension, brakes, steering, body rigidity, etc ...more details

Engine tuning


Intake system


Exhaust system

Intake system for vehicles with an internal combustion engine is a set of devices designed to prepare and fresh air or air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. The exhaust system of cars with internal combustion engine, designed for the exhaust system of the engine, cooling them, reduce noise and improve the environmental performance... more details

Engine tuning

Increasing the power of internal combustion engines, especially begins with increasing cross section "respiratory" tract engine intake and exhaust system. One of the important themes of the engine tuning is the so-called - chip tuning adjusting the injection and ignition angle in the combustion chamber. With this increased efficiency... more details



Suspension tuning

suspension Limit suspension perfection does not exist, but not necessarily by increasing the capacity of the car is necessary to think about improving the suspension. To make the grip of the car and the road surface is better, it is not enough just to change tires or increase the diameter of the wheels. The suspension of each car has a lot of parts and components that can and should be modified and improved... more details

Brake tuning

brake To improve braking performance can change the brake discs and pads on a more productive and expensive, but it is only 10% efficiency. Therefore, for best results you need to increase the area the braking surfaces, changing brake calipers and disks with more details on the brake area. There are also armored brake hoses that are not inflated and the brake pedal becomes more clear andinformative... more details


electronics To monitor and analyze the correct operation of the engine in the car, you need to install additional gauges and sensors. In turbocharged engines such vital parameters: the air fuel ratio, detonation, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure, oil etc. In addition, there are additional tools that improve the efficiency of the engine: boost controllers, fuel controllers, turbo timers, shift sensors... more details

Turbo engineering

Power of turbocharged petrol engine is much greater than that of the same in terms of the natural aspirated engine. This is due to the fact that the combustion chamber gets better fuel-air mixture. It all happens through the turbocharger, which is paired with intercooler and wastegate provide excess air in the combustion chamber - boost! When properly configured, and a lowered copression ration almost any atmospheric injection engine can be made twice as powerful at 1 bar boost...more details


turbo tuning
turbo engineering
Alteration of natural aspirated car in a turbocharged car is quite complicated and very long process. To achieve the desired effect and the correct long-term operation turbo engine, You need to modify many parts of the vehicle... more details

Sport cars

Our company is able to build a sports car for you to order. Cars can be created for any automobile competitions and sporting disciplines. We have experience in the preparation of cars for drag racing, drifting, circuit races, and we can build homologated rally car. Sports car can be built on the basis of your car or in the "donor" from Europe, USA and Japan...more details

Rally cars

rally cars

Drag racing cars

drag racing cars Drag racing - road race born in the US, sprint race on the distance of 402 meters (1/4 mile). In fact, drag racing is a race to accelerate conducted on a straight track. For this kind of competition important it properly prepared car. We have extensive experience in the creation of such cars... more details

Drift cars

drift cars Motorsport which was characterized by cornering a deliberate disruption of the rear axle, and a passage in a controlled drift at the maximum possible to keep on the track angle rate, requiring Car special suspension settings, zhorstkogo body and powerful high-torque engine... more details

Cirquit cars

cirquit cars Cirquit race - the competition that takes place in closed ring road between two or more cars. They compete simultaneously on the same track and the winner is the determining factor in the speed or distance traversed over a specified time. We create such cars for circuit racing and time attack... more details

Parts order

Exhaust systems and intake systems, engine and transmissions part, turbochargers, turbokits, intercoolers, fuel pumps, pressure regulators and fuel injectors, electronics and sensors, wheels and tires, and much more. Our company is engaged in purchase and delivery of aftermarket parts from leading manufacturers. We can bring you to any part of, and spare parts for your car. We work with the United States, Europe and Japan... more details


parts order
parts order
parts order
Our company is an authorized dealer and a representative of the majority of manufacturers, world leaders in the manufacture of parts and components of automobile tuning. For a complete list of brands here... more details

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