Engine tuning

Engine tuning Reciprocating internal combustion engines, which the thermal energy of expanding gases that are formed by the combustion of the fuel-air mixture in a closed volume is converted into mechanical work of the translational motion of the piston in the cylinder. Increasing the power of internal combustion engines, especially with larger cross section begins "respiratory" tract Engine intake and exhaust system. One of the important topics of tuning engines - so-called chip-tuning, adjusting the parameters of the injection and ignition timing angles. With its help increase efficiency. Just tuning the mechanical components of the engine is divided into several categories: the increase in cross-section of inlet and outlet channels of the cylinder head (cylinder head); physical relief movable parts of the engine - replacing them with lightweight, made of a high quality and durable material; Fine-tuning the timing mechanisms.


Transmission Transmission - the collection units for transmitting torque from the engine to the driving wheels. This transmitted torque varies in size and importance, and is distributed in a certain ratio between the drive wheels. The torque on the driving wheels of a vehicle depends on the gear ratio of the transmission, which is the ratio of the angular velocity of the crankshaft to the angular velocity of the driving wheels. Transmission gear ratio is selected depending on the purpose of the car, its engine and the necessary dynamic qualities. Transmission car running at high alternating dynamic loads. Its main working parts of a great time is performed under high specific loads and stresses, so the designers so hard to achieve the desired reliability and durability during the operation of the vehicle. Increased power cars more than 30%, always leads to premature wear of the clutch. It is therefore the engagement - one of the most popular items in the transmission tuning. To reduce the weight of movable parts, usually under atmospheric vehicles set aluminum flywheels, which are 2-3 times lighter than the steel equivalent. This allows the engine to quickly gain momentum. Tuning of Transmission system also include: self-locking limited slip differentials, the major pairs (final gear), driveshafts, short shifters, etc.

Suspension tuning

Suspension tuning I think, not exist the limit of perfection suspension, but when increasing the power of the car, definitely need to think about the improvement of the suspension. To improve traction of a vehicle with the roadway is not enough just to change a tire or increase the diameter of the wheels. The suspension of each the car has a lot of parts and components that can be modified and improve - shock absorbers, springs, stabilizers (sway bars), body struts. The most common type is suspension tuning understatement of cars using the shortened hard springs. In this lowered center of gravity and shortened suspension travel, which improves handling. Another type - a replacement for the standard shock absorbers and springs on ajustable coilover suspension with adjustable clearance and rigidity. To enhance the body used a variety of body struts and additional subframes.

Brake tuning

Brake tuning The brake system of the car - one of the most important systems of the car, which is designed to reduce the vehicle speed, it stops and hold in place during the stay. To improve braking performance can replace brake discs and pads on a more productive and expensive, but it will give up to 10% efficiency gains. Therefore, for best results you need to increase the area of ​​the braking surfaces, changing the brake calipers and discs with larger braking areas. Also, do not forget about the reinforced brake hoses that do not swell pedal becomes more sensitive and informative. Tuning brake system needs by increasing the capacity of the car.


Electronics To observe and analyze the correct operation of the engine in the car, you need to install additional gauges and sensors. The turbocharged engines are very important parameters: the proportion of the fuel mixture (air/fuel ratio), detonation, exhaust gas temperature, fuel pressure, etc. In addition, there are additional tools that increase the efficiency of the engine: boost controllers, fuel controllers, turbo timers, shift-sensors. Also for monitoring the sensors sports car with the recording process and the work peak memory, sound and light warning of critical indicators.


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