Performance & tuning

The performance of any car, in actual fact, specially reduced. This is done for the trouble-free operation of the vehicle during the warranty period, producers use simple elements and details, which are not always amenable to tuning, thereby reducing cost price of the car. Almost always, in any car you can improve the performance, power, precision suspension, braking, control systems, car body rigidity etc. Increasing the power of internal combustion engines, especially begins with increasing section of "breathing" of the engine ways: Intake and exhaust system. Another important theme engine tuning is the so-called - chip tuning adjusting the fuel injection and ignition angle in the combustion chamber. With this increased efficiency.

Intake system

The intake system of internal combustion engine - a set of devices designed to prepare and eyeliner fresh air or air-fuel mixture in the cylinders. In engines with external mixture formation intake system takes over the functions of mixing. The concept of "intake system" has appeared with the development of the design of internal combustion engines, especially with the advent of direct fuel injection. The equipment for the motor supply air duct has ceased to be just, and turned into a single system. In its work, the intake system interacts with many systems of the engine and the vehicle as a whole, including the injection system, exhaust gas recirculation, petrol vapor recovery system, the brake servo, e t.c. The interaction of these and a number of other systems provide appropriate electronic control units (Eng. Electronic control unit, ECU). Air filters are used for cleaning of air supplied to the engine. Dust that enters the engine greatly accelerates the wear of the friction surfaces. Air filters should provide high-quality air cleaning from dust, have a low flow resistance, to be reliable and easy to operate and maintain, have a compact size. By means of air purification filters are divided into inertia, filtered and combined. In addition, the first two types can be performed dry or wet (moistened with oil) filter elements.

For most popular modern cars, there are ready brand new solutions intake systems. To simplify the entry of air into the engine, you can put a filter of zero resistance to normal air filter housing. But this solution is mainly used only for factory vehicles with standard exhaust system. If the exhaust system is changed to a more productive - make sure you install a set of intake (intake kit, short ram) with conical or mushroom-shaped inlet filter with enlarged diameter. These systems are made by manufacturers of filters for most cars. This system may have a complete thermal protection, air intake, etc. Systems of this type are capable of transmitting 20-30% more air by adding 2-5% of the power cars.

Exhaust system

The exhaust system - the system of a vehicle with an internal combustion engine designed for the exhaust system of the engine, cooling them, reduce noise and improve the environmental performance exhaust. Consisting of the exhaust manifold, the catalyst and silencer. Combustion air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of internal combustion engines occurs explosively, as a result of which generates large volumes of gases which cause the pushing piston and the crankshaft to rotate. However, these gases after the working cycle of the cylinder must be removed to be taken place a new portion of fuel-air mixture. The problem of exhaust decides the exhaust system of the engine. Also, this system solves another important problem - reducing engine noise. The products of combustion of the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder are under a lot of pressure at the opening of the exhaust valves is rapidly pulled into the atmosphere - there is a loud bang. However, in one cylinder per second even at idle it takes about ten cycles, so when you open the valve pops merge in the constant noise of high intensity. With this noise and fights exhaust system of the engine, which in everyday life is often referred to simply as a silencer.

Exhaust manifold provides direct Exhaust and blow the engine. The shape and size of the exhaust manifold with the reception pipe determine the nature of oscillatory combustion in the exhaust system, and ultimately affect the power and torque of the engine. Each tube collector has a certain length and cross section, allows for the formation of standing waves at different engine speeds. Oscillating combustion in the exhaust system must be coordinated with the process of vibrational air-fuel mixture in the intake system. This is necessary for efficient scavenging and optimum engine operation in different modes. On the exhaust manifold accounted for the highest thermal load, so it is made, as a rule, high-temperature alloys. Exhaust manifold end rigidly attached to it a reception pipe of the exhaust system.

Tuning and racing exhaust systems - different diameter pipe section and silencers (more efficient, have greater capacity), quality components and materials (mainly made of stainless steel and with a very high quality basalt fillers). Any sports exhaust system will always be louder than the factory system. Why install a sports exhaust system? Sport exhaust system designed for performance - significantly increases the power to change the characteristic sound of "bass", he is really an amazing, classy aggressive and elegant look that brings a sense of true joy.

• Improves the performance and dynamics of the car;
• Clearer feedback on the gas pedal, smooth engine braking;
• Significant reduction in weight compared with the original exhaust system;
• Stainless steel, high-quality durable filling mufflers;
• Low-pressure systems for maximum power - without loss of traction at low speeds;
• Responsibly developed and designed for each car


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